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What is mindful beauty?


True beauty is a manifestation of spirituality. Consequently, a growing number of women are being acquainted with beauty rituals and products that adhere to mindful and sustainable practices. Establishing the link between beauty and spirituality is a kind of self-care that is very beneficial. It can be caring, supporting, and meaningful.


Having a spiritual experience does not imply that you must change into another person. Being spiritual entails establishing certain deliberate activities that aid in self-actualisation through a relationship with personal and divine truth. Skin care is an excellent place to start, and it may be as easy as introducing products that adhere to sustainable practices into your daily routine.


Integrating spirituality into your beauty routine can help you feel more grounded, focused, loved, and refreshed. Many individuals are turning to mindful beauty in an effort to reconnect with themselves and harmonise their inner selves.


The concept of mindful beauty

The largest beauty trend in recent years is mindful beauty, and many women are reverting to natural products that have a calming, nurturing impact on their skin, body, and spirit. The growth of ‘mindful beauty' is a reaction to a need for tranquility and self-care via beauty rituals that relax the mind, cleanse the skin, and provide spiritual comfort. Keeping up with the ever-increasing speed and demands of contemporary life may be physically, psychologically, and emotionally exhausting. As a result, it is unsurprising that many individuals are seeking for methods to pause and focus on their holistic well-being.

Akarii embraces the practices of mindful beauty and all our products are integrated with spiritual ingredients, such as Palo Santo oil. They are easy-to-use yet effective. Instead of overthinking the science behind the products, we invite you to open up your senses and fully engage in the beauty routine as your self-care ritual with mindfulness: notice how the water runs through your face, immerse in the scent and texture of the skincare products, observe the hand feel of the recyclable containers......

Let go of the brooding, analysing and judgement over your skin, be gentle to yourself and the world, and your skin will answer back with kindness.



The concept of slow beauty

Slow beauty is a lifestyle and a concept dedicated to assisting individuals in developing a sustainable self-care practice rooted in nature, health, and wellbeing. This practice involves the use of multisensory goods, tools, and resources to foster a pleasant way of feeling and being alive.


Slow beauty is a counterpoint to the fast-paced world of the beauty sector, which promotes rapid fixes, instant results, and intrusive procedures. These ostensibly fashionable options have individuals racing against the clock and against the effects of aging. The slow beauty concept, on the other hand, is based on the assumption that the aging process and standards of beauty are determined by natural cycles and sustainable activities.


As a result, slow beauty is a force to be reckoned with, not opposed. Slow beauty philosophy, emphasizes the spirituality of holistic beauty, honors mindfulness and self-expression, and reframes expectations about ultimate beauty in general; a balance of growth that explores the concept of youthfulness.


The importance of choosing sustainable skin care products


Sustainable skincare products are manufactured by firms that uphold ethical and sustainable business practices. By purchasing these items, you are assisting these companies in growing and also safeguarding the environment. Thus, utilising skincare products with sustainable practices not only helps you get a glowing skin and enhances your appearance, but it also helps to protect and preserve the environment. As a result, sustainable products are the future for skincare, self-care, and the earth as a whole. Akarii supports the motif totally and we adopt a more simplistic and eco-friendly approach to our skincare products!

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