Akarii's mindful self-care rituals

Ritual may sound like a big word, in fact it is not.

Akarii is a brand that offers more than just products. We hope to introduce the concept of mindful beauty and wellness which offers you the little space and moments - or the rituals - to simply feel good and take care of your outer and inner self. Take your skincare routine as me-time and to consciously show self-care by taking a break from your hectic life.

You can also practice the ritual with mindfulness with our simple yet effective products to help increase well-beining and awareness by creating a spaciousness of mind that sets you free from the impact of our thoughts and feelings. By having this peace of mind, your skin will turn healthy and glowing, we promise.

Mindful Beauty

The vision of mindful beauty is to open up all your senses.

1. Observe without judgement

Before you start your skincare routine, check the condition of your skin - how does it look and feel today? How's your complextion appear? Does your skin feel dry? The key is to observe but not to judge.

We know you might feel anxious about a bad skin day, but before getting nervous and jumping into thinking about how to beautify your skin immediately, simply allow yourself to observe your skin as the largest organ of the body.  In mindfulness, it is important to observe your thoughts, understand and accepting them, lastly let them go.

Anchor yourself to the present moment instead of getting carried away by negative, unhelpful thoughts. Whenever you feel distracted, focus on your observation of your skin and your breathing.

2. Focus on your five sensations

Next, you can reconnect your skin with the outside surrounding by applying the products, while staying present by paying attention to your sensation: When you cleanse your face, how does the water run down your face? What's the temperature of the water splash? How cool the serum feels on your cheek? What is the aroma of it? When applying the moisturiser, what's the texture? How quickly does it take my skin to absorb it?

3. Inhale and exhale

In addition to activating your senses, now is the moment to concentrate on your breathing. The objective is to slow your breath to the point where it is in sync with your heart rhythm, thereby regulating your blood pressure and cortisol levels. Inhale through your nose and fill your lungs to capacity (your tummy should push out), then exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on the consistency and tone of the breath, since this will signal to your nervous system that you are calm and in charge.

4. Meditate with an intention

To improve your mindfulness skills, meditation is one of the best practices to focus on the present moments. It needs not to be long but a 20 minutes session will be more than enough to give you some space from your thoughts and emotions.

We think it's an excellent time frame to go in hand with the application of the Akarii Palo Santo calming gel mask and so we've created this 20-minute singing bowl session that you can follow along to meditate after applying the mask.

This 20-minute singing bowl session is meant for helping you to open up your heart chakra and enhance your awareness in practising self-love; while you can as well burn the Palo Santo wood to clear the energy field around you and meditate with the rose quartz to strengthen your Heart Chakra.

When you meditate, you can also use a mantra to promote focus and intention. We've included a mantra in each of the parcel. Even though it is randomly drawn, do read through the affirmation as it may reflect your needs at this moment.