How mindfulness meditation can supercharge your skincare routine

How mindfulness meditation can supercharge your skincare routine


Here at Akarii, we think mindfulness meditation is the best approach to acquire inner calm and external beauty.

Meditation has been shown to have therapeutic advantages, and including it into your daily beauty routine will not only improve your mood but also give you gorgeous glowing skin. Meditation has been demonstrated to relieve stress, and there is compelling evidence linking stress to skin problems.

If you are looking to try something new, consider incorporating some meditation into your skin-care routine. You will be amazed at the incredible results.

The link between meditation and skin care

According to research, the mind-body link exists and may benefit both mental and physical health. Meditation improves resilience, attention, happiness, and compassion while lowering stress, negative emotions, and violence. There is a common misconception that meditation may only be done in a certain way, however meditation and mindfulness can be incorporated into any lifestyle.

How to use meditation in your beauty routine

Introducing meditation into your beauty routine may have several advantages, including increased happiness, overall better emotional and mental well-being, and even improved physical health. Meditation might even help you appear younger and contribute to a peaceful mind. When you think about it on a practical level, it makes perfect sense. Consider instances when you were anxious, such as examinations, first dates, and job interviews. Your skin was most likely not at its finest during these times. It is as though your exteriors are expressing what your inside are experiencing. This is not a coincidental relationship; they are inexorably linked. Below are some ideas for incorporating meditation into your skincare care regimen:

You can start at any time

You may add meditation and mindfulness practices into your skincare regimen at any time. For instance, a skin-care regimen such as applying Akarii Palo Santo gel mask is an ideal opportunity to include meditation since you already have a few additional minutes available, allowing you to complete your self-care routine with both mind and body care.

Concentrate on the here and now.

Try putting your focus into the present rather than mindlessly going through the procedures of washing, exfoliating, nourishing, and moisturizing.

Feel the product's silkiness and softness as you lather it between your fingertips. Smell the mist as you spray it on your skin, and observe the moisturiser as you massage it into your skin. These little adjustments can effectively quiet your mind and relegate any unwelcome ideas to the background of your awareness.

Focus on your breathing

In addition to activating your senses, now is the moment to concentrate on your breathing. The objective is to slow your breath to the point where it is in sync with your heart rhythm, thereby regulating your blood pressure and cortisol levels. Inhale through your nose and fill your lungs to capacity (your tummy should push out), then exhale through your mouth. Concentrate on the consistency and tone of the breath, since this will signal to your nervous system that you are calm and in charge.

Busy? Integrate meditation into your nightly beauty routine

Combining these two components, being present and controlled breathing, while doing your nightly beauty routine will not only help to soothe your mind, but will also enhance the radiance of your skin. When you take deep breaths, you bring more blood to the skin's surface, therefore enhancing cell turnover and regeneration. The wonderful aspect about evening meditation is that it prepares you for a restful sleep. And a full 8 hours sleep equals skin perfection, since your skin cells rebuild themselves during this downtime.

Meditation is not just for monks; it is also very beneficial for achieving and maintaining healthy, radiant skin. Meditation has the potential to do more than make you more attractive; it can help you see how gorgeous you really are. Therefore, when lathering on your favorite skin care product, remember to include some meditation; your skin will thank you for it.

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